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Virtual Studio 2020 - Drawing Workshop

Drawing 1: Drawing with Charcoal and Pencil

This video explores some of the processes that you can use when drawing with charcoal and pencil. 

Drawing 2: Drawing with tone or chiaroscuro - black , white and the greys in between.



Italian word for "light-shade". The use and balance of light and shade in a painting, and drawing .


Artists to Consider  

Jackson Pollock 

Jason Hicklin

Kathe Kollwitz 

Georges Seurat

Sonia Boyce


Apr 28, 2020

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Over the month of May as part of Open Studio Notts , I will be uploading  free “how to do“ videos for you to explore drawing, printmaking, and painting from the comfort of your home. Just follow the the steps outlined in each video and have a go and make your own artwork.  If you would like to share your work or ask art related questions , join me for one of my  Zoom art meetings. The dates for these will posted on my website and OSnotts Facebook page. 

May 09, 2020

Zoom Art Meeting

Online zoom video metting May10th 11 am

I’m offering the opportunity to meet me as an artist , ask questions and  share tips and ideas. You can also request a demonstration from me if you think this might be helpful. I will prepare the session in my Sherwood studio and will have drawing paper and materials to hand.


To take part please email me  at  and I will post out details of how you can join the live Zoom meetings.

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