Meta4 , we are a diverse  group of printmakers who actively collaborate, share ideas, inspire, and  creatively challenge each other .  We have two group exhibitions planned for 2016  . We are working to the theme of  Alchemy.

"Alchemy: a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life."

I too  take part in a form of alchemy, by using clothing to translate and explore the narratives of  peoples lives and their histories

Title: My Sister’s Wedding Veil

Medium: Monotype 

This dress is an assemblage of different pieces of clothing . Precious items of clothing each with their own story  to tell.  My sister’s wedding veil forms the skirt and part of the whole dress, while aunty Peggy's handkerchiefs have been used to form the bodice .  A playful way to tell a family story and connections  through clothing.

Title: Touch and Meditation 
Medium: printmaking 
I asked my friend for a personal item of clothing to use as inspiration for the Alchemy project I am working on. She gave me her grandfather's prayer shawl to consider and told me stories of family journeys.

Themes and developing directions in my work:
Maps, hands, touch, personal narratives,  and tradition. This work is currently being developed using photographs of the actual garment and drawings of hands . A literal object and subjective interpretation using drawing processes. As the project develops it may include aspects of sound.

The knots on the prayer shawl were of particular interest as they carry meaning and act as visual symbolism. They are also the key element of the garment touched in mindful gesture or personal human trace.

 Meaning of the Knots on a Tallit, Tallis
The knots symbolize the 613 guidelines for conscious living through a Jewish lens that are found in the Torah called mitzvot [pl, singular is mitzvah]. 


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Nottingham, UK

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